Benefits of Netekstre

Thanks to the secure performance of NetEkstre, you can have many features at the same time.

Single Panel

As you can follow all your bank/account activities on a single panel, you can view the revolving balance and the current balance.

No Need to Sign in

As the system can be viewed on a single panel, you can efficiently use time without any necessity to sign in separately to bank accounts.

Consolidated Graphic Reports

You can view all your bank/account activities daily-weekly-monthly with instant graphics and reports.


You can use it in integration with the ERP-accounting platforms securely with high performance thanks to flexible rule identification feature.

Current Account and Accounting Activitie

You will be able to enter the receipts and create the current account at the same time.

Easy to Access and Use

You can access to the system online on desktop and mobile from all locations and follow your accounts.

Efficient use of time and HR

You will get the opportunity to prevent wrong transactions and also you will save time and human resources.

Push Notifications

You can view all the transfers/EFT activities on your bank accounts and instantly notify the people through e-mail.

Banks which are Integrated to the System

Follow All Bank Account Transactions Easily

Why should I use the system?

Who should use NetEkstre?
Netekstre is very efficient for all businesses which have accounts in multiple banks or which have a high number of transactions in their accounts.
Which banks are integrated with Netekstre?
It can work in integration with all the banks that can provide data online. Integration with all of Turkey's leading banks has been completed.
In which platforms can I use Netekstre?
It can be used on all platforms and devices that have internet connection.
Which accounting / ERP programs are used with Netekstre?
It can work in integration with all ERP and Accounting programs that can receive and send data online. Integration with the leading Accounting-ERPs of Turkey is provided.
What do I gain with Netekstre?
Time and Human Resource is used more efficiently thanks to Netekstre. Netekstre runs 7X24 continuously and reduces your operational costs. You can also monitor the status of your business in the banks instantly.

What is NetEkstre?

Netekstre receives all your account transactions online from banks and enables you to view all transactions on a single panel.  All the movements are translated into a common data structure and transferred to the ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Logo, Netsis, Micro, Eta etc.) via web service.

All bank transactions can be monitored on a single panel, special reports can be created and exported through the panel, and reports can be received via SMS and email periodically via Netekstre.

Converting all transactions into a common data structure and transferring them quickly to ERP / accounting systems gives companies great benefits in terms of time and workforce.


System Works in 3 Simple Steps

1.Choose the best package for your requirements.

Purchase one of the packages which is appropriate to your needs.

2.Give authorization to your bank.

Give your bank the authorization to transfer the data online.

3. Make your system adjustments.

Define your adjustment in the simple interface of the system.

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Start tracking your transactions online and processing automatically your accounting, if you desire.

What are the benefits we provide to you?

Benefits of Netekstre for the companies

  • You can easily follow all your bank/account activities on a single platform.
  • You can simultaneously see all the payments received.
  • You do not have to sign in separately to your bank accounts.
  • Integration with ERP/accounting software is possible.
  • Thanks to the integration, wrong transactions will be prevented. Also, it will enable you to use the time and human resources efficiently.
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Package Prices

Please get a quote for special prices.

  • 5 Banks
  • 6 Users
  • View Balance and Transaction
  • ERP Web Servis/API (Opt.)

  • 10 Banks
  • Unlimited Account
  • View Balance and Transaction
  • ERP Web Servis/API (Opt.)

  • Unlimited Banks
  • Unlimited Account
  • View Balance and Transaction
  • ERP Web Servis/API (Opt.)


The prices above are the prices displayed on the portal. The cost of transferring to accounting / ERP via web service will be added to the price of the package you purchased. Prices are determined per year and 18% VAT will be added. User training and technical support are included in the package pricing. User training is provided in the Eçözüm office or by remote connection.

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